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"Theramit has proved invaluable in the clinic as well as in home treatment for patients with osteoarthritic conditions and poor hand circulation."

Chris Smith LCSP[assoc] Remedial Therapist. Lincs

"I had been attending the physio dept. in an NHS hospital once a week for wax treatment. It was very costly to travel and the benefit only lasted 48hours. I had enquired about purchasing my own wax bath. I was then told about the Theramit. I now use it every day at home and do my exercises in it. My life is worth living again, I can do my housework and work in my garden everyday. I now only need to go to the hospital 2-3 times a year for a review. It's wonderful."

A patient from an NHS hospital Wakefield

"I work in the family printing business. I work mainly on the computer and have found this increasingly difficult due to my arthritic hands. Since starting to use my Theramit 4 weeks ago at work and at home I have found that I have improved mobility, my hands are less painful and my range of movement has already increased by 10%."

Michael Harris, Garforth, Leeds

"I was given the theramit by a friend who knew I had very painful fingers. I was so impressed by it that I have ordered one for my sister and will order more for friends at Christmas time."

Peggy Nicolson, by email

"Unfortunately I had an industrial accident which resulted in muliple fractures of my thumb. After undergoing surgery the subsequent problem was mobility in my hand and wrist. The Theramit was recommended to me by the Wessex Rehab Centre at Salisbury District Hospital. I bought one and found it very effective. It helps with the mobility and pain. It is simple and easy to use."

G. Battrick

Theramit Demonstration